Bad Credit

Unsecured Bad Credit Loans – The Finance Facility

A poor credit rating could mean you find it harder to source that much needed loan you require. Here at The Finance Facility however, we specialise in sourcing bad credit loans for those who have been turned down elsewhere. You could have a bad credit rating due to various reasons, some of which are listed below.

  1. Never having had credit in the past.
  2. You may have missed the odd repayment on a previous loan.
  3. Missing payments on Utility bills such as mobile phones, gas and electric etc.
  4. Missing Rent or Mortgage payments, even if you later paid them up to date, you might have received a Default on your credit file.
  5. You may have not paid a past debt.

Having a poor credit history doesn’t mean you are illegible for a loan. We help 1000s of people every month to obtain unsecured bad credit loans. Many people have a bad credit rating especially in hard financial times and it is nothing to be ashamed of. We won’t judge or question you, we understand the demands of today and we do our best to help everyone in need of financial assistance.

We are dedicated to helping and arranging the right bad credit loans for every applicant. So if you have been turned down elsewhere or refused outright by other companies then we could provide that much needed financial lifeline you’re after. A bad credit history is just that, its history! We look to the future and so should you.

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Also, why not Apply Online NOW or call us today and see how simple it is to apply for Adverse Credit History Loans. Maybe then we can turn your bad credit rating into a positive result for you and get you back on the right track by sourcing unsecured bad credit loans and boost your overall credit score.